In Session

“In Session” was inaugurated years ago by Rev. Wanda Henry who, as our first Howard Divinity intern and eventually ordained by us, began a women’s group dedicated to supporting one another and reaching out to the community around us.  This is the most active and vibrant missions-oriented group in our church.  Currently led by our Chairperson of Deacons, Jacquelyn McCullough, In Session is a women-on-a-mission group who provide Christmas gifts to needy children every Advent and who provide backpacks filled with school supplies at the end of every summer.  In between those two seasons, In Session seeks ways to affirm and bless our children, provides small scholarships to our young people who go away to college, celebrates the life and achievements of members in our congregation and leads in celebrating the achievements of women in Women in History Month.  Meeting once a month, the first Sunday of the month after worship, you are invited to get involved and help us heal the world.