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Nation’s Triathlon To Interfere With Traffic Sunday


Just a heads up everyone:  the DC Gov’t has announced road closings for the Nation’s Triathlon Sunday morning.  Much of this seems confined to the Tidal Basin and Arlington but 14th Street will be impacted, apparently heading South after Independence Avenue. Here is a list of road closings and times.  Plan ahead and be safe.

Pastor Bledsoe will be preaching on “Black Riot/White Power:  Can We Talk About Race and Violence?”  Meant to speak forthrightly and  through a Christian lens, this sermon will inaugurate our Faith & Justice Team that meets immediately following the service.

~See You Sunday

The Metronome of Worship


I have never taken piano lessons (or any music lessons for that matter) but my children did.  We bought an inexpensive Kurzweil digital piano (back in the ’90s) when a local university was clearing its stock.  I also bought a metronome.  Tick-tock, back and forth, consistently keeping time and rhythm, the instrument works to keep the musician tacked to the flow of a song.

Admittedly, I have trouble with rhythm.  When we sing, as we do each Sunday, “We Are Marching In The Light of God,” and all of us clap, I have to be sure to stay focused on the worship leader in order to keep clapping in rhythm.  Otherwise, I get lost.  It strikes me that worship is a kind of metronome.  And when you worship consistently, you are tacked to the flow of time–that seventh day of rest providing a timing and rhythm to everything else that occurs in your week.  Do that over the course of months and even years and you will find that for the most part, you don’t get lost even in seasons of loss; you discover a symmetry to life and your inner, spiritual life that otherwise evades people who are scurrying aboard the slippery deck of the Titanic.

Summer has ended. A new season has begun.  Make worship your metronome and enter into the delight of the symmetry of a well-lived spiritual life.  ~See you Sunday.