Communion table
The communion table at Riverside Baptist Church.

Thank you for visiting us on the web. Riverside Baptist Church is a Christ-centered, interracial and inclusive community of faith. We are warm, engaged, thoughtful and do our best to integrate our hearts and our minds as we journey in faith. We would be honored to have you visit us. We are located at the corner of 7th & Maine Ave, SW, across from The Wharf, 699 Maine Ave., SW.

Riverside is an oasis of peace and renewal in the city. We engage our world through significant ministry. When we enter the sanctuary, we sit beneath the shade of a tree, crank our buckets down into the well of God’s Love and drink deeply. Then we fill our canteens and head back out into the world, refreshed and empowered to live for Christ.

We insist on welcoming persons into our church. The barriers and boundaries that get placed in front us every day of the week are removed here. All are one here, the Human Family. If you are looking for a place to worship freely; a place where Christ is the center and you don’t have to hang up your mind along with your coat in order to worship, then come and visit us. We just might be the home you’ve been looking for. Riverside is associated nationally with The Alliance of Baptists and locally with the DC Baptist Convention. We are also affiliated with the American Baptist Churches, USA and the Association of Welcoming and Affirming  Baptists.

View our Statement of Faith.

We look forward to seeing you. Peace to you.

Our contact information:

699 Maine Ave, SW Washington, D.C. 20024
office: 202-554-4330
email: RSBC@RiversideDC.org