Bible Study Opportunity: Lent

5905656157_c176f34802-196x300How about an opportunity to study the scriptures together but at your individual convenience?  You could engage the insights and thoughts and questions of others but not have to drive into church or schedule another meeting.  You could read the bible at an appointed time each day or on the fly. And you could take advantage of discussions with your pastor about the selected bible passage, but not have to break through the greeting line after worship or schedule an appointment.  This will be available to us soon through our web site by way of the “Bible Blog” we are in the process of creating (top of the tool bar, far right).  Our launch is scheduled for Ash Wednesday, March 5th.  We will begin with a Lenten study that will take us to Easter.  I hope you will join us.  If interested, sign up by emailing the pastor or the church (go to the contact page or leadership page for those email addresses).  You will then be provided a password to access the blog (this is being done in order to guide and limit discussion to serious students).  Keep your eyes open for further announcements and information.
Grace & Peace    ~ Pastor Bledsoe