DC Bike Ride Will Block Streets Near Church Sunday the 22nd

Heads up:  Your trip to church on Sunday May 22nd will be more challenging than usual as 7th Street and Maine Avenue will be closed for the DC Bike Ride.  Our church is located at 7th and Maine Avenue and I St.   So you’ll need to come to the church via I (eye) St.  I would tell you how to do that but you have a GPS.  Go like you’d go to the Nats stadium and then come in on I toward the church.  Or maybe ride a bike in. That would be interesting.  I know this is painful but I’m working on a really good sermon for this Sunday.  Be safe.  Maybe we can raffle a bike  for those who show up on Sunday.  Just kidding.  Though I’m open to suggestions.  Below is a map of the bike event.