Democracy, Division and Unity

United States Capitol
United States Capitol (Photo credit: Jack in DC)

A democracy can be painfully messy at times. Trying to gain a consensus around an issue or issues will try the souls of people.  We are standing on a precipice of a government shut-down. We have a divided congress whose gears are frozen in gridlock.  Democratic consensus then relies crucially upon persons not merely stating their opinion and advocating a position, but it requires persons to find a way toward each other for the sake and good of the entire country.


The Affordable Care Act was passed by a majority in both houses and signed into law.  It seems odd that now it is being attached to the negotiations for raising the debt ceiling and the continuing resolution for funding our government.  I am not a politician. I wish I had a solution to offer but I do have a pastoral encouragement to make to our Congress and to any who participate in democratic polity:  our unity is essential for accomplishing great things, therefore, put aside the arguments and argumentative behavior and do your best to help us start rowing in the same direction.  Otherwise, we will either float purposely at sea or drown.


The people have spoken.  Move on now and deal with these other issues in a mature and wise manner.  We are praying for those of you whose jobs will be adversely impacted.  God grant you strength and patience and shield you from harm.  ~ PSTR






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