Early Spring, Easter is Never Too Late

Trees blossoming on the east side of the church, March 31.2012

 I arrived Saturday morning to see the beautiful cherry trees arrayed in a multitude of pink blossoms against a blue sky. These trees are along the eastern border of the church. Last Sunday the Japanese Cherry Tree out front that Emma Wright donated a few years ago to our church was in full blossom, along with its cousins all along the Tidal Basin.  The world is beautiful.

Easter is a week away. Tomorrow we begin Holy Week by marking Palm Sunday and then on Thursday is our Maundy Thursday service at 7pm.  This is a holy, solemn week in which we ponder not so much the beauty of the world as the harsh truth of the inhumanity of humankind.  Please be sure to join us. The services will prepare you for Easter when we baptize three people and celebrate the holiest day in the Christian calendar.


Washington Monument cherry blossoms
Washington Monument cherry blossoms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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