For Such A Time As This

Protective ShepherdThe first thing one must do when faced with risk is to be awake to the fact that one is at risk.  Then plan,  not how you will save yourself, for while that is a natural and human response it is not a humanist response and certainly not a Christian one.  You must plan to save others.

Read Esther chapters 3-4 in which Mordecai, understanding the threat to his people plotted by Haman, urges Esther to advocate for her people because she has the ear of King Xerxes, Haman’s boss.  Mordecai tells her, “you have come to your royal position for such a time as this.”   This story illustrates my point:  you must plan to save others, not just yourself.

A Machiavellian prince has arisen in our land.  In this time, be alert to those around you who need protection, advocate for them and if necessary, hide them from brutality.  Work for justice and as you do, do so as a peacemaker. For such a time as this, you may have been appointed.