How Do I Live A Spiritual Life?

School Children on Field Trip

Remember those name tags that got pinned to your chest when you first showed up in school?  There was a simple reason for that:  we don’t want you lost.

When you head out the door or upon awakening from the murky depths of sleep, put a name tag on and this is what it should say:  Christ Jesus.  Because whether or not you get lost in the world at large or are knocked down by waves of circumstance, you’ll want to remember whose you are and be reassured that in Christ, you can never, ever be lost.

Remember AAA trip ticks?  Okay, if you’re actually too young to remember that then dial up your GPS and remember how you search for a location.  At some point, you ask for “directions to here.”

You need a map or a compass.  True North. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  Scriptures count as a map.  If you’re going out into the desert on your camel, you might want to take a map, a GPS or compass.  Why would you travel without that?  Why would you seek to live a spiritual life and not consult the scriptures?

Remember the school cafeteria? Whether it was elementary school, high school or college, you likely sought out some friends to share your meals with.

Fellowship, collegiality, traveling companions–you need these in order to live a spiritual life. Yes, you can and must make a decision about your soul and religious life by yourself. And yes, you can have a spiritual experience, standing alone on a beach or next to a towering tree in a forest.  But to live a spiritual life, it is crucial to be part of a band of brothers or sisters, a troupe, a group of like-minded and committed persons who, on occasion, can hug you and whom, on occasion, you reach a hand to and pull up.

A name tag, a compass, a fellowship.  That is how you live a spiritual life.  This Sunday, show up. We’ll be waiting and we need you as much as you need us. See you Sunday (by the way, any who would like to meet in the Foster Room at 9 a.m. to discuss this week’s bible blog scriptures, feel free to join me).  ~PSTR


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