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{The following excerpt is taken from the sermon, “Knots, Double Knots And A Cure,” preached by Pastor Bledsoe, July 13, 1997}

Before the advent of Velcro, one of the first things a child would learn to do was tie a knot on their shoes. So here is one of the first points… today:  you got to have knots.  Knots are good things.  They hold shoes onto your feet.  They tie a tent down so the wind won’t send it flying.  A knot on an end of a rope allows you to keep hanging on when you might otherwise slip off.
  I like Velcro though.  Because when it comes to getting double knots out of children’s shoes, I find it nearly impossible.  You know kids—they won’t untie those double knots either. Instead, they will push the heal of their shoe with the other foot and slip the shoe off still tied. So when it is time to put the shoes on you end up –if you’re like me anyway—spending twenty minutes trying to get a double knot untied.  Knots are good but some knots are a real pain.  Which brings us to another point in this sermon:  sometimes we have to get unknotted.
…One of things I want to pass along…is a quote from The Ashley Book of Knots.  Maybe some of the navy personnel in our congregation are familiar with this.  I came upon it as I began reading Annie Proulx’ novel, The Shipping News.   Here is the quote from the Book of Knots:
             In a knot of eight crossings, which is about the average-size knot, there are 256 different ‘over-and-under’ arrangements possible…Make only one change in this ‘over and under’ sequence and either an entirely different knot is made or no knot at all may result.
 I had to read that a few times before it sunk in as to why this passage is such a hopeful one.  Did you catch it?  “Make only one change …and either an entirely different knot is made or no knot at all may result.”  Keep this in mind as you meditate and think about your lives this week.
… A simple change in sequence might unravel the knot.  Maybe there is one action you can take—not a dozen actions, not five or even two—but one action, one change which can loosen the knot and let you go on to healing and health and a mind centered upon what is good, what is honorable, what is beautiful and noble.
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