Lines to Deliver to Caesar & Other Princes at Advent

Never underestimate what one person inspired by the just God can do.  I can imagine that line being voiced by an actor of some gravitas, playing Moses, standing before the Pharaoh who enslaved his people.  The Hebrews, by the way, got free.

Do not confuse your election as a divine appointment. Instead, think of your election as an appointment with the Divine who has the only mandate worth considering and it is a mandate for justice and for the protection of the weak, the meek and the marginal.  I can imagine that line being voiced by a certain Galilean to a certain regional prince selected by his god, the Roman Emperor, a man named Pilate who coyly asked the Nazarene what was truth.  By the way, the Christ overcome hatred and the grave.  There’s a mandate for you.

We outnumber those who voted for you. We are legion. We also aren’t going anywhereI can imagine Martin Luther King, Jr. delivering those lines to Gov. Wallace who was delusional when he thought that by standing in front of the doors leading to the University of Alabama that he could block not only Black students but Black civil rights nationally.  The governor was mistaken.

Christ the Lord is born in your midst.  Be fearless.  The angel said this to shepherds one night out in  a field.  Caesar Augustus was called by his minions, Savior.  The angel said in so many words, actually the Savior is here, in Bethlehem.  And I can imagine that angel, on this First Advent Sunday, looking at us and telling us the same thing.

ADVENT is upon us. Be alert. And do not be confused or intimidated by the megalomaniacal princes of the earth or their tweeting band of sycophants nor their preachers of the State religion, wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Be fearless, beloved.    ~See you Sunday