McKinney Texas WWJD


Why does a cop with a gun single out a young black girl and push her face into the ground?  Because that is what Jesus would do.

Oops, well, I guess that is not correct.  I would urge, however,  all of the WWJD bracelet wearers in Texas to seriously ponder that question while watching the tape of Officer Casebolt as he knocks down your daughter.  Yes, try to see her as your daughter because she is certainly a daughter of Jesus.

Why does a cop with a gun single out a young black girl and push her face into the ground?  It must be simply because he can. And that is the definition of child abusers, wife beaters, and bullies of all kinds. They do it because they can.  He is likely to always be a bully but there is no damn reason for him to have a badge and a gun and remain a policeman.    (those who take offense that a preacher would use the word “damn” but not be as or more offended by an officer of the law manhandling a child, well, that is something you’ll also have to ponder).

There are, of course, competing narratives. This is true no matter what crime we’re talking about. That is the nature of witness testimony.  People disagree on what caused an event and who did what. Here we are again.  We have tape of abuse:  a police officer waves a gun around in the midst of teens and then slams a young girl into the ground.  Once again (I’ve made this appeal repeatedly), I ask White Christians in these communities to speak out and demand accountability.  Yes, of course, you will speak out to hold disruptive teens to account (and that is fine and you should).  But for once, speak out and ask that a White policeman abusing an unarmed  Black juvenile be held to account.

This Sunday, Cedric Lawson will be speaking for a few minutes to us about our hope to create a safe place at Riverside and an effort to educate our young people in our community in an effort to end the criminalization of Black youth and, until that ends, to empower and equip our youth to navigate safely through their days.

~See you Sunday