We are stones fit together.
One of the crucial pieces of ministry at Riverside and how we work in the world to help redeem and heal it is our concept of “partner ministries.” We are not a huge church with unlimited resources. We do not necessarily adhere to a programmatic principle, thinking that a buffet of programs is the only way to be the church. Instead, we have invited people and programs to take up residence in our church and help us extend mercy to the world. And we covenant with others beyond these four walls to help us provide the mercy and healing of God

So, if having pastoral care and therapy available is important to you; if connecting the ethic of Christian stewardship to ecological issues makes sense to you; if providing a space for groups that provide healing and nurture for survivors of incest or alcoholism is important; if providing a preschool experience for children in challenging socio-economic contexts and helping them to be readers by the time they enter First Grade is a good idea; then you will embrace our partnership concept. For Riverside is making not only good use of its space but extending the sanctuary of God’s mercy and care to the world at large through these important partner ministries.

Other special projects have included providing school supplies for a hundred children last Fall through the fine efforts of our women’s In Session ministry, led by Rev. Wanda Henry. Rev. Linda DeLaine and Minister Robin Williams provide youth ministry on our Friday Film Night, every other week and reach approximately twenty children. Our church hosted last summer a summer camp for urban youth through a partnership with City Gate Ministries, reaching about 45 youth. We have collected backpacks with supplies for Foster Children, created innovative events like “Hip Hop the Cross” and taken our church children to the circus. We continue to dream and experiment with ways to provide ministry. Your dreams and your hands joined with ours can make a difference.

We have highlighted some of our most effective ministries in the ministry drop-down. Take a look at how you can join us.