MLK Sunday: The State of Race in America

Oh, Freedom!
Oh, Freedom!

So among the various stupidities that assault us in any given week at the hands of elected congresspersons was the pronouncement this week  by one Congressman Randy Weber of Texas who denounced the President as worse than Hitler since Hitler at least visited Paris.  Perhaps the scary thing is not that this individual  sits in the Congress but that he was elected by a district of people who actually  thought him fit to represent them.

This came on the heels  of the horrific attacks in Paris by gunmen who thought they would honor The Prophet by killing innocent individuals and the “guilty” ones who dared to caricature a religious figure.  Instead of speaking to religious hatred and fanaticism, Monsieur Weber decided to exploit a tragedy in order to attack his and our President.

The week prior to this it was revealed that the third ranking Representative in the House, GOP whip Steve Scalise, had addressed an international  convention of White Supremacists,  the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO), a group led by David Duke, a former Klansman.  This group has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. Scalise has in response received the full support of the Majority Leader, Mr. Boehner and will not be censured. We are to remain calm and carry on rowing our little boats merrily down the stream. As if…

I do not bring these items up to register a political opinion.  I bring these up to point out the obvious:  racism is alive and reactive in our country.  There really is a need to have a Martin Luther King Sunday and not just because our body politic is such a mephitic cesspool of hatreds and lies. We also need MLK Sunday because so many in our churches across our country are still comfortable with segregation.  You can defend your position on why you worship in a single-race church. I’m sure you must have some good reasons, but I for one am finished with ever worshipping in a church that is composed of one race.  Won’t do it. Ever.  I pastor a “blended” church as a famous pastor sneered at me years ago in a meeting and whose name I won’t mention.  My response?  Damn right, I pastor a blended church.  That, my friend, is called the Gospel.  Look, I don’t know where you’ll be on this Sunday, but I would urge you to come sit in a pew of an interracial, gender inclusive, sexually inclusive, ecumenical, passionate-about-justice Baptist congregation.  It may be as close as you can get this week to the Dreamer and his dream.  See you Sunday. ~Pastor Bledsoe