Pastor Publishes Debut Novel: Rooster’s Table

Pastor Bledsoe has self-published his first novel on iBooks for the iPad.

Entitled, Rooster’s Table: A Multi-Cultural Apocalypse, the novel is set in small town Virginia near Washington DC and grapples with our diverse and divided culture. The Book Club is sponsoring a reading of excerpts from the novel on Sunday, September 22nd after worship. The entire community is invited.  A sample of the book and the book itself can be found on iTunes/iBooks.

Rooster's Table: A Novel
Rooster’s Table: A Novel

The opportunity to explore in depth, through the life of characters, subplots, plots and themes is what compelled Bledsoe to write the novel. Having written sermons for decades, he welcomed the chance to get at some of these existential themes sideways, subtly and literarily–avenues not generally available to the homiletician. In Rooster’s Table , Robert Sherman Walker has navigated his way out of grief for the death of his grandmother, Kate Rock Walker, and along the way, he is guided by an unlikely cast of characters that includes not only a beginning professor of philosophy, but whittlers who sit on a corner of a dying, small world, Pentecostals who helped bury his mother and a Sikh neighbor dedicated to peace.  Andrew, a victim of familial violence, orbits the plot like a moon until that fateful day, when the depraved and the heroic face each other.  That unveiling is twined around characters like the African-American professor of philosophy, Jasmyn Parker, who happens into Robert’s life and provides a counter point to Hank Williams and Johannes Brahms with Thelonius Monk and Billie Holiday. They in turn are threaded into dualities of North/South, male/female, gay/straight, locals/immigrants, mentally challenged/right minded, and Black/White.  Their life world is chimed in religious tones from Baptist to Methodist, Episcopalian and Pentecostal with a strong note of Sikhism.  Then at an apocalyptic moment, the multicultural experiment of 1980s America erupts one ordinary Thursday at a restaurant called Rooster’s.

Join us on October 27 after worship (11:15 a.m.) as the Book Club discusses his novel (in the Jerry Davis Library).