Rooster’s Table: A Multi-Cultural Apocalypse >Book Club Discussion

rooster_COVER-291x300The Book Club invites you to join in a discussion of Pastor Bledsoe’s debut novel, Rooster’s Table, next Sunday, October 27th, following service (about 11:15 a.m.).

You can download a free sample or purchase the book at iBooks for your iPad (the book is not available currently in paperback).  Action, dialogue and pace are quick as diverse individuals clash and come together in a diner in a small town in Virginia. As the book jacket states it:

“This is a story about how one evening I set out to burn down the restaurant of a friend of mine for righteous cause, how someone who happened into my life redeemed me and how I was anointed in ashes. Oh, and it’s about the problem of knowledge.”

So says Robert Sherman Walker, the primary character and narrator of a multicultural apocalypse that unveils itself in a final fury of action at a table in a local dive in small town, Virginia.  That unveiling is twined around characters like the African-American professor of philosophy, Jasmyn Parker, who happens into Robert’s life and provides a counter point to Hank Williams and Johannes Brahms with Thelonius Monk and Billie Holiday. They in turn are threaded into dualities of North/South, male/female, gay/straight, locals/immigrants, mentally challenged/right minded, and Black/White.  Their life world is chimed in religious tones from Baptist to Methodist, Episcopalian and Pentecostal with a strong note of Sikhism.  Then at an apocalyptic moment, the multicultural experiment of 1980s America erupts one ordinary Tuesday at a restaurant called Rooster’s.

Join with the author and others as we discuss how the novel was conceived and written and the various insights others bring to the reading of this story.  iBooks Store