Loaves and Fishes, by John August Swanson

Sunday Service for August 2 Is Now Available

The service for August 2, 2020 is now available here. You can also view a list of past Sunday services here.

Please remember to join the online prayer meeting at 11:00 am after the Sunday service. Today’s prayer meeting will close with virtual communion. Please have wine or juice and bread or a cracker ready to share in this sacrament.

Also remember that Riverside Readers will meet online at noon, on August 2, after the prayer meeting to discuss “Morning Poem” by Mary Oliver. Visit the Online Community Services page for details on connecting.

To balance the spiritual needs of church-goers with the physical health risks from gatherings and COVID-19, Riverside Baptist Church is offering online Sunday services. Rev. Nick shares the word of God and a bulletin guides you through the service. Through these online resources, you can continue to connect with God and the Riverside community.