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Army Ten Miler Interferes with Some Streets Sunday

October 9th

smack-self-in-the-headOnce again, a Sunday in DC is made more difficult to navigate because of a marathon.  Here is a link to the map for the Army Ten Miler.  Streets around Jefferson Middle School (where we worship) are not closed but be sure to check the map against your route.  For those coming across the 14th St. Bridge, only the HOV lanes are effected; you can come across, take the Southwest Freeway and Maine Ave. exit.   Be mindful that the race on the map is painted yellow.

Your Sacred Journey Is About to be Interrupted by the Army Ten-Miler

smack-self-in-the-headMy post this week (see below) was about our lives as sacred journey.  What I didn’t know at that moment was the Army Ten-Miler is this Sunday.  Okay, you can do this.  But to help you, here is a link to the map of the course.  Just note that the blue line is the course route of those running in the race. That will help you understand the map a lot easier.  HOV lanes along the 14th Street bridge seem to be the primary obstacle (but hey, you didn’t need those lanes anyway) and Independence Avenue presents some issues.  It’s corny, but I’m going to conclude with this verse of scripture from Hebrews 12:1>

…let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us, …

The sermon for Sunday is, “Convenient Christianity.”  Wow, this fits  nicely too!  So it may be a little inconvenient to get to church this Sunday but the effort to place ourselves within a holy place where we connect with fellow believers is worth the effort.

~See you in church Sunday.