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The Doors of the Church Are Open

“We are God’s house, if we hold fast the confidence and the pride that belong to hope”

Hebrews 3:6

March 22, 2020 was the first Sunday service we went virtual. 68 weeks later and, God willing, we’re upon our last virtual Sunday service as we eagerly look forward to regathering on July 18. Something I shared at the start of the pandemic and bears repeating is God is still God. God is still loving, merciful, faithful, omnipotent, and everlasting. Though our community, country, world are still going through a circumstance that is fluid and still has many uncertainties, God is still God.

As we prepare a return to our sanctuary, I wish to remind you as the author of Hebrews says, “we are God’s house.” God’s people make up the church and we do not cease being the church even if we are not physically able to meet in our sanctuary. I know many will not be in a rush to come back and for that we will do our best to provide a streamed live service and then place the recorded video on the website. Even if you are not physically present with us, you are still part of God’s house.

During this time, we can continue to live out our calling by loving our neighbors as Jesus taught in Matthew 22:39. Part of loving our neighbors is seeking their health and wholeness. There are still certain populations who are especially vulnerable to the virus, particularly now with the new and more contagious variants. With all this in mind, we at Riverside Baptist Church seek to love our neighbors by taking reasonable steps to limit the spread of this pandemic. We ask that if you are not vaccinated to please wear a mask in church. We also ask that you are patient with us during these initial services as the offering and communion will be celebrated in as such way to ensure safety for all in attendance.

We personally invite you to come, gather in person, and worship with us on Sunday July 18 at 10:00 am. We look forward to seeing you, enjoying fellowship, and praising God from whom all blessing flow.

Rev. Nick

Riverside Prepares Plans to Resume In-Person Worship Services July 18

What a Day of Rejoicing that Will Be!

For the past year, the staff, deacons, trustees, and lay leaders have been in conversation around when and how to regather for worship once more. Following the messages from the CDC, WHO, and Washington DC public health officials, every decision was made with our community’s health and safety in mind. 

With the vaccine rollout, we feel that we are able to begin planning for regathering for worship with July 18 as our first Sunday together since the pandemic began. This is a preliminary announcement that is subject to change – pending any additional information from the latest public health guidelines in the next several weeks.

Please read the additional information under “Regathering,” noting that we are asking everyone, even those who have been vaccinated, to always wear a mask inside the church. We know that things will be different, and we trust that you will understand that this plan has all who will be in church from the youngest to the no longer-the-youngest in mind. 

We thank you for your cooperation and we look forward seeing you in person and once again worshiping together in our sanctuary on July 18.

Please look for additional information as the date draws nearer.

~ Rev. Nick and the Riverside Leadership Team