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Where to Park Your Camel

So not only are we in our new church edifice but we now have access to the garage. Allow me to give some tips on navigating to the garage. Things to know:

‣ We have 40 spaces on the first level of the residential (The Banks) garage on Sunday from 7am-2pm. The signs say until 3:30 but our development agreement is that we are to be out by 2 o’clock. Please do your best to make that happen.

‣ The entrance is off of 7th St., between the new residences (The Banks) and the Waterside Towers.  Take your time as you enter because the residential side is still a construction zone and there are all kinds of things lining that drive. The garage is underground, hence, the entrance is down the hill (the steel door on the right is a loading dock–that is not the garage).

‣ Someone will be standing by to bring the door up so you can enter. You do not need assistance leaving the garage as your car will simply trigger it to open. You must stop, however, as you enter so an attendant can operate the door to open.

While we have a time limit, we have more spaces and we have, of course, protection from the elements. We encourage those who can to metro or walk to church but if you drive we have a garage. Do your best to carpool–it is the ecologically correct thing to do. Finally, do not park at Jefferson Middle School or Westminster as we do not have permission to park there. You can park at Westminster on Christmas Eve, however, since we are hosting that service at Riverside and being joined by our friends from Westminster. Park your camel then come to the church via the elevator or stairs, whichever you prefer. ~See You Sunday