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Hail, The First Day

The first day. Day One. As your Spirit, Creator God, hovered over the vast and dark seas, so sweep over me on the beginning of this week.  Re-create me.  Shape and configure my days not so much that I avoid suffering as that I fulfill my life and all that is within me, a still unshaped potential.

Resurrection Day. Gardener, Good Shepherd, you were meek as you ambled among us and though you conquered death, your meek and humble presence led Magdalene to mistake you for a gardener.  Tend to us and bring us into the sphere of your humble life that has overcome the world.

Sunday. Fountain of Light, fill this day and may your boundless love radiate throughout its unfolding so that we, your creation, might awaken to the light within us and stop harming ourselves, our families, and our world.  Light of Light, remove the darkness and bitterness from us.  For another day and week of second chances, we give thanks. Amen.

For Thursday

For Thursday a plea for endurance, O God, for my work propels me toward Friday. And before I can get to Friday, I have many things to do and I carry special burdens. A prayer then that I might be focused and concentrate and with energy, complete my tasks.  Lord God, I call to you: help me in my weakness and strengthen me in my strengths.

The stones of Gallilee are strewn across the shore line of the sea where you called fishermen to follow you. So it is with Thursday, tasks like stones pave my pathway. Good Shepherd of Galilee, Fisher of souls, call to me over the din of my little world and hearing you, I aim my boat toward your shore and row. Sabbath is nearing, work awaits me. God have mercy.  Amen.

A Plea For Tuesday

Tuesday, Gracious God, a day of second chances, unraveling what Monday brought, dispatching messages to any whom we may have offended, awakening to the week ahead, we plead with you to grant us such courage that we would fulfill Tuesday’s gift to us. We begin again.

For those who reside too long in shadows of grief and sadness, have mercy.  For those for whom life has become bitter or tasteless, have mercy.  Salt us with your salt.  Replace our shriveled hearts with joyful and vibrant hearts, released from burdens and into the world you love.  Light of light, enlighten us.

Our leaders oppress us, Prince of Peace.  They wring our pitiless lives of power, heap shame upon those they hate, destroy comity and exploit distrust for their own greed and power.  Help us not to become like them.  Instead, through faith, hope and love transform us and if you would on this second day of the week, we plead, provide us a glimpse of your Kingdom so that seeing its shoreline, we might sail our lives resolutely to its border.

For the earth and all who inhabit it, animals as well as human beings, we plead that they  find green pastures and still waters of restoration today.  In the name of all who suffer and  by your beautiful and holy name we offer our prayers and pleadings.  Amen.