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Church Rise

Church_Rise I snapped this photo one recent Sunday morning about eight o’clock.    The sun was rising and piercing through the blue Alpha-Omega window, its  light burst over pews, dusting them with red, blue, green, amber clots of color.  It’s a lovely and contemplative moment in the sanctuary.  I like getting there before anyone else, the entire silent sanctuary of peace all mine.  I’ll tell you what else I like in this picture even though at first, it seems to be that the pew edge is marred that runs along the right border of the photo. Look closely and I think those are finger and hand prints.  The faithful have been here. They have sung, prayed, cried, laughed and worshipped here.  So even though I had the sanctuary to myself that morning, I was not alone.  There was a Church Rise, a community of faith-hope-love that extends for more than a century in this community of faith but part of the church that extends into the far past, even into that upper room where Jesus told his disciples one last time to love one another.

My question to you is, in this first week of a new year, Why would you not enter such a place of peace and leave your prints, abide in the presence of both God and others who are dedicated to loving others as Christ loved us?  It’s time. Come on.  This Sunday will be another Church Rise.  I hope to see you.  ~Pastor Bledsoe

Sunday Morning Refuge

sanctuarySunday Morning Quiet, light softly propelled through blue stained glass windows, pews lined up like soldiers on parade, a pulpit and table and the symbols of faith ornamented along lamps, walls, windows… these are some of the things awaiting you on Sunday morning, these are some of the things you miss by not being here.
A refuge of peace,  a place of acceptance, a sanctuary of grace and sacred words read from a holy book, prayers offered on your behalf, prayers uttered for the healing of the world, music interlaced with all of it, sacred chords, devoted voices, all of it speaking, speaking, speaking to your heart, to your mind and your body in rhythm with holy time….these are some of the things awaiting you on a Sunday morning, these are some of the things you miss by not being here.
Presence of God, presence of Spirit, presence of the Good Shepherd, the tangible presences of others who gather together to bear witness, who stand together to stand for each other, who share burdens and joys and pass the cup of grace.  Carved out of a week of work, fashioned from the clay of our every day, this presence embraces us and fills us, stirs us and inspires us…these are some of the things you miss and when you miss, we miss your presence.
Sunday Morning Refuge.  Claim it as that one moment in your week of hours. Place yourself within it so for a little while, you commune with God, are tenderly cared for by the Good Shepherd and are one with this place we call church.
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