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Thankful for the love and mercy of God sewn into the fabric of the universe, both in seen and unseen ways too complex and numerous to count;

Thankful for human love, the capacity and power to bless others, heal others, restore the world and repair and especially grateful for all those who step into the world each day to embrace it with human love and joy;

Thankful for animals who befriend us, provide us their comfort and love without condition when others have taken from us or sinned against us. For meows and barks, tweets and songs, even the silent but electric motion of creatures great and small who deepen our humanity;

Thanks be to God.  Wear this as a shield against all cynics and nihilists who though given up on the world still somehow expect more from the world and by so doing, rightly point to that which is greater than cynical or nihilist complaint. We are better than the worst in us, we can respond to the better angels of our nature. Thanks be to God for the ineffable, the immeasurable, the great depth and breadth of what it means to be human.