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The Cruelty of the Trump Administration on Thanksgiving

T.S.Eliot began his epic poem, The Wasteland, with these words, “April is the cruellest month.” Perhaps, but November is going to come in close as the Trump Administration has declared that some 60,000 Haitians must now leave the United States.  Already this administration has told some 2,500 Nicaraguans they must leave the country.  The Temporary Protection Status of some 195,000 Salvadorans faces a March renewal deadline.

As we come to our Thanksgiving tables this week and plates of food are shared between family and friends, take a moment to consider how it must feel to step into this quintessential American holiday of thanks knowing you are about to lose everything and be returned to countries that are in many ways, dangerous or simply incapable of providing you and your family and friends the means to live above an impoverished existence. Let us say prayers of thanks but also let us prophetically call out for justice and compassion to inform our nation’s policies, foreign and domestic.

The cruelty of this administration seems to know no bounds.  From its intentional removal of protections for the environment to protections of citizenship for the immigrant; from its colossal tax cut plan for the extremely rich and then paying for it on the backs of the poor and middle class; from its incessant itch to pick fights, divide Americans and wreck wholesale those institutions designed to elevate our civic life, the Trump Administration and its congressional aids and abettors seem fueled by a need for cruelty.  The land of the free and home of the brave is quickly transmogrifying into the kingdom of Moloch.

Lord, we give thanks for our boundless blessings. We plead with you on behalf of the poor, the sick, the elderly and the immigrant:  Lord, protect them and help us as a nation to throw off the wicked cruelty that blankets us.  May we adorn ourselves instead with justice and mercy.  We pray in the name of the immigrant holy child who sought safety in Egypt, Amen +


Thankful for the love and mercy of God sewn into the fabric of the universe, both in seen and unseen ways too complex and numerous to count;

Thankful for human love, the capacity and power to bless others, heal others, restore the world and repair and especially grateful for all those who step into the world each day to embrace it with human love and joy;

Thankful for animals who befriend us, provide us their comfort and love without condition when others have taken from us or sinned against us. For meows and barks, tweets and songs, even the silent but electric motion of creatures great and small who deepen our humanity;

Thanks be to God.  Wear this as a shield against all cynics and nihilists who though given up on the world still somehow expect more from the world and by so doing, rightly point to that which is greater than cynical or nihilist complaint. We are better than the worst in us, we can respond to the better angels of our nature. Thanks be to God for the ineffable, the immeasurable, the great depth and breadth of what it means to be human.