The Renewal of the World

drops in drops

When I naively stepped into college (in 1972!) as a ministerial student, I didn’t know the first thing about biorhythms.  That first year I had to take a required science course and I took a subject in biology (whose title I cannot recall) but I do remember being introduced to this idea of biorhythms, that I had a kind of internal clock that worked in sync with seasons of the natural world.

This explained to me–or at least I interpreted this–as the reason why I hated Florida. Well, I didn’t hate Florida the state, I just felt out of sorts with the lack of definitive seasons, having come from Cincinnati where there are definitely four seasons instead of one season of hot.  But what is my point?  Good question.  Hmmm, let me see, where was I going?  Oh!

Look around you. The world is renewed. One might have concluded otherwise in dormant seasons such as Winter but consider the renewal of the world now.  Atheists will, of course, take this for granted. They take order in the universe –and there are megatons of order both macro and microscopically–for granted. Oh, they’ll conclude, it’s just nature doing her thing.  Meanwhile nature, you note, is personified. Be that as it may, in this Spring of 2014, as you ponder the beauty of the world and its season of renewal, don’t take it for granted.  This didn’t just “pop” into existence.  There is a benevolent, loving God who loved us so much that there is a world and worlds around us and through which we journey. The appropriate response to that primordial  fact is worship.  See you Sunday!

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