Veni,Vidi Venice

Venice (Photo credit: BillT)
Not exactly what Julius Caesar said upon his triumphant entry into Rome, but arrived in Venice not as a conqueror but a weary traveller who had awakened in Zurich at 5 a.m. To catch my train (which switched in Milan). I won’t bore you with the details of nearly missing that connection and then the slow and sometimes lumbering journey to Venice.  I arrived an hour late but because I am on Sabbatical, I had no engagement other than to check into my room.

Venice is beautiful and a little smelly in May (cannot imagine what August must be like).  Yesterday (Friday), I spent the morning at St Mark’s,marveling at the rich mosaics and Byzantine achitecture and then sitting atop the front ledge some six or so stories high, looking out at the piazza and reading for an hour Roger Crowley’s terrific history of Venice, City Of Fortune.  That evening I took a vaporratto (a boat bus) to the Jewish ghetto. Venice was the first European city to create a ghetto where they made Jews live and locked them in at night! There was a Holocaust memorial outside in the square and as Shabbat descended, I stood near one of the two synagogues hoping to hear evening prayers. I am grateful to be able to visit in this ancient city where history slashes and swirls like the tides of water breaking into canals of lived existences.

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