We Tipped. Meet the Alliance.

Remember the post I wrote a few weeks ago about a tipping point? I had asked you to push and tip our attendance to 100.  Easter Sunday we had around 200 in worship.  I think it is more likely 175 but “around 200” sounds nice.  And it was nice.  Mind you, it was Easter and we had lots of wonderful extended family members here. So I wouldn’t expect us to have nearly 200 in worship each Sunday.  But if all of us tried to be more consistent about worship, I believe we could consistently reach that 100 mark.  Keeping tipping!ark
Ever feel alone, like you were the only person or maybe a handful of persons who believed in justice, equality, peace and the dignity of persons?  Or let’s try this: can you remember trying to make a point about these values and those around you were negative or even insulting but then someone really, really smart and perhaps better at debate spoke up, took your side and then basically deflated the arguments for the status quo of doing nothing?  It is a great feeling to have an ally in the world. Well, this Sunday, I want you to join with me in welcoming some allies who believe in what Riverside believes in; they work for justice nationally and internationally; they speak out for whom we speak.  And yet, our participation with this ally as it stands today is nil.  I want us to rekindle our national association with the Alliance of Baptists.  Take a look at their covenant and mission.  When you do, you’re going to feel less alone in the world.  You’re going to say, hey, we need them and they need us.  Sunday, Leah Grundset Davis will be preaching about the Alliance and how its vision fits into our call to a resurrected life.  We will also hear a few words from the President of the Alliance, Carol Blythe.  I want us to be less alone, more connected, adding our voice to a collective of Baptists who believe in justice, compassion, equality, inclusion and diversity.  Let’s create a wave of energy for justice and peace in our world by joining together with other like-minded Christians. See you in worship this Sunday.
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