Worship, Work, Play


The Month of May saw us raise over $3 thousand for CROP Walk, led by Nadia and supported by so many of you. Well-done!  June sees us planning for PRIDE march on the 13th (see Del for more information) and we are working with our Riverside Social Events Team and the Choir to create a “parking lot concert” in July on  Saturday July 11th, 11-1.  We want to take music and food and fellowship outside, onto the parking lot and connect with our neighborhood.  Pastor is working with Cedric on ways we as a church might create opportunities to speak to police accountability and the impact  of violence on Black youth in our community. We want to be a safe place for at-risk young people while advocating policies, procedures and legislation that protect them. Cedric will share some ideas with us in June and in the Fall, we hope to invite other churches through our denominational affiliations for workshops and information gathering sessions.

These are a few of the things that are happening at church and we hope you’ll get involved.  As Memorial Day Week-end kicks off the summer, we encourage you to stay connected: when you go away, let the pastor or a deacon know so we don’t worry about you and by all means, let us come together for worship on Sunday for in that holy interstice between work and play, we find our purpose and energy for life.  This summer, let’s actually increase attendance on Sundays. See you Sunday~