Zurich, Zwingli, and Zausage

Statue of Zwingli in Zürich where he holds the...
Statue of Zwingli in Zürich where he holds the Bible in one hand and a sword in the other. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I landed safely in Zurich Saturday morning (Zurich time).  As I write, it is Tuesday evening and I have had a restful yet engaging few days of one of Europe’s most charming cities.  A glacial lake, a lucid river, parks and cafes… it is easy to get used to Zurich.  I didn’t come here however to vacation but to deepen my knowledge of and about the reformation city led by the great  Swiss Reformer, Ulrich Zwingli.  I worshipped in his church, Grossmunster on Sunday (having toured it the previous day) and then the next day spent hours at Fraumunster, a church that had been founded as a Benedictine convent but was transformed into a Reform church under Zwingli’s direction. Inside Fraumunster, I was met by luminous stained glass windows created by Marc Chagall.  I took a pew far in the back and meditated on these windows, my context within this historic church and city, read Paul Tillich’s The Courage To Be to completion and prayed and thanked God for my father, recently deceased.  It is one thing to read about these events, another to tread over the sacred ground of men and women who exhibited such courage in the face of tyranny and great odds.

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