Our Leaders

Jonathan J. Holley

Minister for Outreach and Communal Care

    Jonathan J. Holley is an Artist & Minister from Washington, DC. Jonathan was first brought to Riverside DC as a guest choir section leader and soloist in 2010. Jonathan formally became a member in 2016, and after serving a few years, the members at the Riverside Church DC voted to ordain him as a Deacon in 2017. Jonathan served as Outreach and Missions Coordinator from 2018-2023. He now serves at the Minister for Outreach and Communal Care. In addition to Jonathan's role at Riverside, Jonathan serves as The Chaplain of the House of Garçon, an international organization that was founded based on the principles of fraternity, education advocacy, and professional growth. The organization exercises these principles through the participation in ballroom competitions and encourages its members to be responsible, community engaged LGBTQ and Cis- Gender adults.

    With the House of Garçon, Jonathan shares the message of God’s love and hope by providing support for those who are in need of spiritual care. Due to the clear evidence of God’s calling on his life, the members of the Riverside Church DC, voted unanimously to grant him a License to Preach in 2021. To better serve in his various roles, Jonathan was encouraged by the former pastor, Rev. Dr. Michael Bledsoe, to apply to seminary.

    Jonathan holds a Diploma of Theology (’22) from The John Leland Center for Theological Study, and is currently a seminary student studying for a Master of Divinity, at the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky.

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